Words to spark interest, change opinions and grow your business
Words to spark interest, change opinions and grow your business

Words matter...

We are bombarded with messages every day. Marketing content is everywhere and we access it daily through multiple channels. When faced with all of this information we only retain certain elements and we make quick decisions based on what we see or hear.  Your customers are no different. You have one chance to spark interest and make your message stick - so you have to get it right.


I am a CIM qualified, market-focussed copywriter.  I write the words that cut through the clutter, the words that define a company and its products and convince customers to buy.


With over 15 years of marketing and copywriting experience, across many diverse business sectors and from start-ups to large corporates, I work across the marketing mix delivering words that work.


I’ve demonstrated time and time again that the right message leads to more customers, a more respected brand and a more successful business.   From the sole trader to the FTSE100 - the message matters.

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Call me on 07790 396368 or email emmaoddie@theoddword.co.uk

Copywriting is a skill, developed and honed through practice, it makes sense to use an expert


Def: Content written specifically to promote a product or service.  And a lot more besides...


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