Words to spark interest, change opinions and grow your business
Words to spark interest, change opinions and grow your business

Why use a copywriter?


Behind all great marketing campaigns, there is great copy...


In a cluttered marketplace full of mediocre content, exceptional copy really does stand out. Every word speaks about your brand and creates an image of your products and services in your customers' minds. Whatever your audience, and whatever your products and services, your message is important


You'll find experienced copywriters hidden behind many of the great marketing campaigns. We work with creative agencies to develop content, we ghost-write opinion pieces, blogs and social media posts on behalf of senior leaders and we are an essential contributor to many in-house marketing teams. 


But why specialist copywriters?

There are 3 main reasons why you should use a professional copywriter:

  • We're not blinded by your company 
  • We focus only on the customer
  • We'll get the project moving, so you can focus on your day job

These might seem strange reasons for using a copywriter and you might think that you have these things covered already but read on...


We speak customer not company 

Within months of joining a new company, you soon start speaking the lingo. Those abbreviations that confused you at first now roll off the tongue, and you can assume a certain level of base knowledge when you speak to your colleagues. It's very hard to shake that off when you start communicating outside of the business. 


As an outsider, a good copywriter will maintain the language of the layperson. They'll challenge any company jargon and act as the champion for plain, customer-focused language. The result: communication that speaks clearly, concisely and prompts action.


We focus on the customer

Every great copywriter has a little voice in the back of their mind whispering, 'who cares?'. We analyse every sentence contemplating whether it adds to the message and whether it brings the reader closer to the intended action. So many communications focus on telling the customer why the company, product or service is so great, rather than showing the reader how it will solve their problem. 


Your customer will have a little voice in their head saying, 'What's in it for me?' and a copywriter will help you make the answer clear.


Outsourcing gets things done

Marketing Managers today are busy people and they are 'managers', sometimes of people but always of projects, campaigns and usually a long list of 'things to do'.


Very few marketing teams have the resource to do everything in-house. It's likely that you will outsource PPC advertising, search engine optimisation, web development, design and print. Trying to do everything yourself in-house is time-consuming and often results in delays and missed deadlines. 


When so much of your time is spent driving strategy and analysing the effectiveness of campaigns, you can sometimes be the block to getting things done. A professional copywriter will quickly understand your business and your products and be able to alleviate this pressure, giving you time to focus on driving a successful marketing plan. 


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